• Latte

    Add any flavor

    The Latte is a perfect choice for anyone. Consists of espresso shots and milk add some cinnamon on top for fun.

  • Cappuccino

    Add any flavor

    The Cappuccino consists of espresso shots and is smothered with a thick layer of fluffy foam. A baristas' true craft comes out with this drink!
  • Americano

    Add any flavor

    The Americano is a favorite for people looking for a full bodied espresso drink. Consist of espresso and water. Add some flavor to make this drink your own!
  • Mocha

    Chocolate - White Chocolate - Caramel

    The Classic Mocha is winner for anyone that loves chocolate. Come try one with chocolate or white chocolate or caramel and top it off with whip!
  • Satin Mousse
    The Satin Mousse is a hit with anyone that loves chocolate milk. Consist of espresso shots and chocolate milk. For the adventurous type add some flavor.
  • Espresso

    The Espresso shot! Packs a punch of robuck flavor and is the very heart of all our being.