• Kool Beanz Dark

    Roast Profile- Dark. Flavor Profile- Pastry aroma, dark chocolate and mild sweet tobacco flavor notes. Aggressive flavor with a smooth finish. Origins - Papua new Guinea and Central America.

  • El Salvador

    El Salvador- Roast Profile- LightFlavor Profile- Floral aroma. Orange layered with vanilla flavor. Almond-sweet finish. Origins - Santa Ana, El Salvador.

  • Kenya

    Kenya - Roast Profile- Medium/Light. Flavor Profile- Citrus aroma. Lemon and black tea flavor notes. Light bodied with a tart finish. Origins - Kenya.

  • Columbia

    Columbia - Roast Profile- Dark roast. Flavor Profile- Roasted nut, dark chocolate flavor, lasting finish. Origins- Columbia.

  • Caramel Nut

    Caramel Nut - Roast Profile- Light roast. Flavor Profile- Syrupy texture, Strong caramel flavor. Origins - Mexico and Columbia.

  • Vanilla

    Vanilla - Roast Profile- Medium roast. Flavor Profile - syrupy texture, Strong vanilla flavor. Origins - Mexico and Columbia.

  • Cold Brew

    The method steeps the coffee grounds in cold water for about 18 hours rather than brewing it in hot water. This method produces a syrupy concentrate that brings out the unique flavors of the bean.

  • Sumatra

    Roast Profile- Medium/Dark Flavor Profile- Heavy aroma. Dark chocolate and earthy flavor. Syrup like texture with a bittersweet finish. Origins - Aceh region on the Island of Sumatra.

  • Kool Beanz Light

    Roast Profile- Medium/Light. Flavor Profile- Sweet, pleasant aroma. Milk chocolate and roasted nut flavors notes. Smooth body and finish. Origins - Brazil, Pacific Islands and Central America.

  • Ethiopia

    Ethiopia - Roast Profile- Medium Light. Flavor Profile- Pungent fruit aroma. Hints of blackberry and blueberry. Complex finish with a full body. Origins - Ethiopia.

  • French Roast

    Roast Profile- Dark. Flavor Profile- Aggressive smoky aroma. Chocolate, woody and tobacco flavor. Heavy body with a lasting finish. Origins- S. America, Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua.

  • Drip Coffee

    Drip Coffee - you have a choice of many robusk gourmet coffees. Kool Beanz Light, Kool Beanz Dark, Colombian, El Salvador, Ethiopian, French Roast, Kenya, Sumatra, Caramel Nut and Vanilla.